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Stress Can Affect Your Dental Health, too!

April 30, 2013

teethYou get up, and brush. You go to bed and brush. And Floss. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups — most of us are well-versed in what it takes to keep our teeth healthy.

But how many of us realize that the effects of stress can impact dental health?
During the day and even while sleeping, people under stress may clench their teeth or grind them back and forth against one another. Teeth grinding, officially called bruxism, can not only wear down and damage your teeth, but may also cause temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ), leading to severe jaw and neck pain!

So if you are experiencing pain in your neck and lower jaw area, it could actually be from stress!! Try to take a few minutes before bed each night to just relax, take some deep breaths – and put the cell phone down and turn off the television! You might wake up feeling better just because you’re not putting that pressure on your jaw all night!

For further information about teeth grinding and TMJ, contact Dr. Hayner at 412-281-3955.

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