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The Worst 7 Foods for Your Teeth

April 9, 2013

We came across this great article on Huffington Post the other day giving some great pointers on what are some of the worst foods for your teeth – see the full article here.

Here’s their top 7 Enemies for Your Teeth:

driedDried Fruits – Even though they’re not processed fruit snacks, they’re still really high in sugar. Make sure to brush right after eating if you find a craving for them!

Sugary Drinks – We all know by now how bad sugary drinks are for us, and not just our teeth. If you haven’t given them up yet, now’s a good day to start.

hardHard Candies – Not only do these linger giving a consistent sugar swirl to your mouth, they can stick to your teeth and cause cavitites faster not to mention – you could crack a tooth! Gah!

Alcohol – Did you know that alcohol can slow and even stop the natural production of saliva? That can lead to tooth and gum disease.

Citric/Acidic Food – These can eat at and wear away your tooth enamel over time – and you can’t get it back.

Starchy Foods – Starchy foods like potatoes chips and cheesey puffs can get stuck in and around your teeth – causing plaque build up.

Coffee – eek! We are on the fence for this one because coffee, well caffeinated coffee, can be good for teeth too – see our past article, Caffeinated Coffee May Reduce Your Risk of Oral Cancer.


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