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How Dental Grills Effect Your Teeth

March 12, 2013

grillzYou’ve seen them around – the metal, gold or even wood dental dentures found worn in the mouth. They have become popular among teens and some adults due to celebrities, especially rap musicians wearing them in public and in music videos.

“Grillz” are decorative covers that snap over one or more teeth.

There are no long-term studies of dental grills, so there is currently no data about long-term safety or problems that can result from long-term wear.

But we do know that less expensive grills are often made from base metals that can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Grills can promote plaque buildup and tooth decay because food particles and bacteria may build up between the teeth and the grill. They are also found to cause abrasion of the teeth that border it. Excessive wearing of grills may discolor teeth, too, so grill fans may need to whiten teeth when they decide to stop wearing it.ryan-lochte_1956577i

Anyone who wears a dental grill should be especially attentive to dental hygiene, and follow a consistent routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing. Also, be sure to remove the grill before eating and rinse it often to remove bacteria and food particles.

If you want to invest in a grill, be sure to call Dr. Hayner first and  find out how best to reduce the risk of bacterial buildup and other complications.

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