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Gift Yourself a Smile Makeover for the Holidays!

November 30, 2012
Embarrassed by your smile? Self-conscious about your teeth? – Learn more about #SmileMakeovers

What is a Smile Makeover?

Smiling LipsA smile makeover helps improve your current smile by one or more cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, white fillings, Lumineers, veneers, bridges, crowns and/or dental caps. A smile makeover can improve your overall look quickly and painlessly—fix a chipped tooth, cracked or discolored teeth—or be a more in-depth overall fix—restore your bite and or the muscles that control your jaw movement—that can also improve your self confidence!

Our goal of a smile makeover here at Hayner Dental is to improve your overall look by observing your overall facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth, gum tissue and lips to develop your ideal smile.  We customize your makeover based on  your unique attributes and features, improving the you that is already there! Dr. Hayner will  consult with you personally on what you want your smile to look like, as well the things that you currently don’t like about your smile.  Tooth decay, staining, discolored teeth and slight shifting are all inevitable causes that are unfortunate but can generally be remedied in a few short visits.

Ideas for an Up-graded Smile

Let’s start with, what is it you don’t like about your current smile?  The following will give you a better idea of what to discuss with your dentist:

Tooth Color:  Food, wine, cigarettes, aging – they can all discolor your teeth, as well as many other yellowing culprits. Teeth whitening is an easy and painless remedy to restore your teeth’s appearance.  Depending on the severity of the discoloring, you may also be a candidate for specialized treatments such as porcelain veneers, Lumineers, crowns, or dental implants.

bracesAlignment and Spacing: One of the other most common treatments is straightening your teeth and/or gaps – think that 7 year-old in braces. However, with today’s technology you no longer need those huge ugly metal brackets interrupting your smile! Teeth that are misaligned can be straightened and properly aligned through orthodontics like Invisalign or even improved with veneers.

Missing Teeth: Yikes! Save missing teeth for pirates and Halloween! Missing teeth are unsightly hindrances that affect the appearance of your smile.  They can be replaced with dental implants or bridges.

Chipped, Cracked, or Uneven Teeth: Chipped your tooth on your coffee cup this am? It happens everyday! It’s an easy, quick fix to patch-up a chip or crack— usually by cosmetically bonding with veneers or Lumineers to improve appearance.

Facelifts: Botox isn’t just for wrinkles anymore —an aging face can be rejuvenated with certain cosmetic dentistry procedures for fuller lips, cheeks and smile.

Tooth Length: Grinding your teeth at night? The effects of aging and every day wear and tear can detract from a youthful appearance.  Treatments for shortened teeth include the reshaping and lengthening of the two front central teeth with composite bonding or the growing popularity of porcelain veneers.

Smile Makeover Process

You will come in for an inital consultations with Dr. Hayner, who will evaluate your overall oral heath condition.  Each smile makeover is a customized procedure, and needs individualized attention to provide you with the best smile possible. Dr. Hayner will look over your teeth, gums,  underlying support structure and bite (occlusion) to determine your candidacy for a smile makeover.  If you have had any previous oral health problems, make a not to address them at this consultation as well.

Ready for your smile makeover? Contact Hayner Dental today to set up your consultation! 412-281-3955 or email

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