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Halloween Candy Buy Back Event

October 26, 2012

Don’t end up with teeth like Freddy Kruger this Halloween!


Hayner Dental will be hosting a Halloween Candy Buy Back event on Monday, November 5, from 10 am till 6 pm. Open to children from the community, patients or not, Hayner Dental will trade cash and prizes for candy.

Tooth decay goes into overdrive during the holidays. Plaque feeds on sugar and then produces enamel-destroying acid, resulting in tooth decay and possible dental emergencies.

Hayner Dental believes limiting sugary Halloween treats is a good line of defense against tooth decay and so for every child turning in candy, we will give him/her $3!

The candy purchased by Hayner Dental during the event will be shipped to American troops stationed overseas.

For more information about Hayner Dental or to learn more about the Halloween Candy Buy Back (or if you cannot attend during the event), contact us at 412-512-6857.

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