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Win Steeler Tickets for Saturday – in Club West!

August 6, 2013

Who wants ‪#‎STEELERS‬ tickets in CLUB WEST for the game on Saturday!? Post a Fan pic on our Facebook page, with‪#‎steelersmakemesmile‬ to win! Winner picked on Thursday (must pick up tickets in office on Friday). ‪#‎blackandgold‬ ‪#‎football‬ #pittsburgh #steelernation


Your Two Front Teeth

July 9, 2013

It may be July, but we keep hearing that Christmas song today – “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Well, guess what? You don’t HAVE to wait until Christmas for the teeth you’ve always wanted!

The two front teeth are usually the most noticeable teeth in your smile, and if they aren’t ‘up to par,’ you can feel a little uncomfortable about your appearance. We can fix that at Hayner Dental! If you are experiencing any of the below, call us today to make an appointment to fix your two front teeth!

buck teeth

1. The color of your Teeth. Tooth color can be a simple fix that can help to brighten your overall smile! Sometimes one tooth can be a different color than the rest, and we can color-correct it right in our office!

2. The size of your Teeth. This is usually the biggest complaint about front teeth. They are either too big or too small. This can be corrected with veneers. Here at Hayner Dental, we can ‘fill out’ or trim down your natural tooth with minimal or no removal.

3. The position of your Teeth. Maybe you have a gap? Or you just don’t like the position of them. We can correct this again with a simple veneer if you don’t want to wear braces or Invisalign for up to a year. 

4. Chipped Tooth.  Did you know we can fix little chips and wear and tear in a single appointment? We use composite bonding that can make a quick fix to an annoying problem. If you’re looking at that edge of your tooth everyday in the mirror, come by and we can fix it right up for you!

Be sure to visit us at for more information!


Just How Bad is that Candy for Your Teeth?

June 26, 2013

Did you know that sour candy is almost as bad for your teeth as battery acid?
This chart might make you think twice about reaching for one of these:

sour candies

10 cool truths about the tooth

June 16, 2013

There never cease to fascinate us – check out these 10 tips that make teeth ‘cool.’


10 tips

Soda and illegal drugs cause similar damage to teeth

June 4, 2013

WARNING! These photos are not for the faint at heart. The Academy of General Dentistry released results of a study that showed the erosive effects of diet soda can be as bad as Meth and crack-cocaine. This story has been picked up in quite a few press outlets including CBS.

Just in case you didn’t realize just how bad diet soda can be for your teeth – here’s the proof!


Win a Free Teeth Whitening for Father’s Day!

May 23, 2013

Great giveaway by a friend – be sure to upload a photo of you and dad to their facebook page to win a free TEETH whitening treatment!

The Polished Post

Does your dad make you smile? Share your photo and story on our Facebook page, and you could WIN A FREE TEETH WHITENING TREATMENT! Must submit by June 9th.


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Tracking Your Brushing with Your Smart Phone

May 21, 2013



Beam Technologies recently announced that they are patenting a toothbrush that will connect to your smart phone, to track how long, and how well you brush! This collected data can then be sent to your dentist, or, how Beam would like – even eventually to health insurance companies.

According to Advertising Age, ” Beam is conducting a pilot with an insurance firm and negotiating a deal to distribute  the Beam Brushes to policyholders, who would agree to exchange  usage data for incentives such as lower rates.”

Would you participate?